Trauma Counseling

What is trauma?
Trauma is a psychological or physical injury caused by an experience. Some examples are: abortion, rape, war trauma (including combat), a car accident, robbery, divorce, bullying, or infidelity.

During Private Practice, many of my clients were soldiers or marines experiencing issues from deployment in a war zone. I trained in San Diego, California at the Combat Operational Stress Conference where I became a COSC (Combat Operational Stress First Aid Caregiver) provider. Later, I studied EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) so that I was a more effective practitioner to treat clients showing symptoms of trauma. Even now, I continue to attend lectures and training involving topics such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide awareness and prevention, natural disasters trauma, and violent trauma.

Trauma symptoms can include such emotions as: anger, guilt, mood swings, shame, numbness, self-blame, anxiety, and fear.

The behavioral symptoms of trauma may include: insomnia or problems with sleep, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and agitation.

If any of these symptoms are a significant part of daily life, please contact me.

Carrying the weight of the past greatly interferes with the ability to move forward in life. Sometimes it’s a deep, dark secret that has been rolled into a tidy little ball that has been tucked away…but, appears as a huge bolder that hinders us from experiencing normal lives.

I will listen to your story, guide you through treatment modalities and help you focus, with emotional and behavioral clarity on the future.