Specialties in Counseling

Counseling Specialties:

Personal Counseling:

Let me meet you, work with you to find your way, one step at a time, to a place of comfort and joy. Feelings sometimes overtake our thinking and we seem to get ourselves into situations that overwhelm and devastate us. Anxiety, depression, and a general lack of desire may overtake our senses and we don’t know how to get out of the deep place that we find ourselves. Reach out and work with me to become the best of who you were meant to be.

Couples Counseling:

Let me work with you to build your relationship from using disconnecting habits into a loving and affectionate partnership. Intimate relationships are the most important relationships we nurture and together, we will find successful ways to bring love to the center of your relationship. Homework assignments may be difficult, even a challenge on some days but other days it might be fun and even spicy. The relationship is always more important than the individual person. Each person gives 100% to create a wonderful and satisfying relationship. Does that always happen? Nope. So, let’s pull together and find some tricks of the trade that might help bring your relationship to where you are both feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Grief and Loss:

If you feel that you need help with getting through the grieving process, let me help you. I know what it is like to be a caregiver for a family member living (and dying) with a terminal illness. I know what it’s like to experience an unexpected death through tragedy. I have worked with many clients living with grief and loss and been with them as they struggle with bereavement. I believe that you are stronger than you imagine and together, we can work through these painful events.

Trauma Counseling:

Trauma is a psychological or physical injury caused by an experience. Some examples are: abortion, sex abuse, rape, war trauma (including combat), a car accident, robbery, divorce, bullying, or infidelity. Carrying the weight of the past greatly interferes with the ability to move forward in life. Sometimes it’s a deep, dark secret that has been rolled into a tidy little ball that has been tucked away…but, appears as a huge bolder that hinders us from experiencing normal lives. Trauma symptoms can include such emotions as: anger, guilt, mood swings, shame, numbness, self-blame, anxiety, and fear. The behavioral symptoms of trauma may include: insomnia or problems with sleep, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and agitation.