Military and Family Members

Military and Family Members

Sometimes, at family gatherings, one relative will lean over and ask you “How many people have you killed?” Outsiders may scrutinize your every movement because they are concerned that you may attack your neighbor in an outrage or that you suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Your kids, “Military Brats”, are thought to be damaged because they have moved so many times and never established long-term relationships.  Some people even say that “Every military marriage ends up in divorce” and look for flaws in your relationship at home.

Rumors. Gossip. It doesn’t have to be this way…Let me help you heal the wounds…

Sometimes we face difficulties that the average person never dreamed of experiencing….

How do we talk about those haunting nightmares, the seething anger, (even over small details), or the self-loathing about things we never imagined we would have to do, and we did do them. There is guilt, fear, numbness and, yet, at the same time…a sense of accomplishment for doing service for others, success at making a difference in people’s lives and achievement in a challenging career.

Complicated emotions. It doesn’t have to be this way…Let me help you heal the wounds…

We just keep doing our jobs, living our lives as a military family the best we know how. Sometimes it is not just the returning service member that is affected, wives, partners, parents and children can experience a multitude of negative emotions that can disrupt their lives.

Who can they go to?

Personally, I have experience with living the military life and the challenges it presents. I have navigated through the obstacles, trained with the best and will work with you so that you can live your life again. 

Counseling has shown significant progress in relieving, and even curing, some of the difficulties that face service members and/or family members.

Relationships have been reestablished and are thriving. There is great promise that the experienced symptoms will diminish and normalcy will return.

If you feel pain, stress, fear or that people just “Don’t get what is wrong”,  let me journey with you, guide you, help you heal so you don’t feel alone…

Let me Journey with you so you don’t feel alone…