Grief and Loss

Loss never seems to be an isolated event.  It often comes bundled with other emotions than can be related to the loss or entirely separate. Feelings intensify and the one loss becomes amplified with uncontrollable thoughts and persistent physiological problems. The result of the loss can ultimately consume daily events and send us reeling in a state of constant confusion.

Often, conflicting feelings emerge that inhibit our transition back to a more normal state of mind….Anger, guilt, sadness, relief, happiness, depression, lost chances, and even physical pain…they all can be present.

Where do we go from there? How do we move forward?

Together, you and I will do the work necessary for you to move forward.

Counseling begins with telling your story. You will repeat your grief story more than one time and, often gain insight from hearing the words flow from your heart.  The first year is confusing, sometimes painful, and, as your counselor, I will journey with you through the grieving process.

Let me reassure you it’s okay to feel uneasy or afraid. It’s okay to want to run, to send floral wreaths or Mass cards instead of self. It’s okay to feel eerie or unduly tense, to hide and cry, to want to swear or scream or lash out at easy targets. It’s okay to feel relieved and even happy, when someone dies. It’s okay to feel whatever is real. Feelings have no morality; they are neither good, nor bad, always ethically, neutral.

Robert Kavanaugh

Learn how to live each day with a new perspective of the deceased.

That person will always remain in your memory. It is time to reflect on that relationship; the real and honest relationship; the one with beautiful experiences but, complete with its scars. Our relationships help define who we are, and as you reflect, you may unveil much about yourself.

Let me journey with you so you don’t feel alone….